Set up automatic responses to similar reviews for different scenarios and save up to 40% of your employees' time
Why is it important for a local business to process reviews?
82% of customers read local business reviews
Responses to reviews affect the loyalty
and trust rating of the company

You get consumer insights and analytics
necessary for business development

You increase your star rating
and conversion rates on platforms

You influence the ranking (position
of the company) in the local search results

What reviews need an automatic response?
According to RocketData, over 40% of reviews can be processed using auto-replies. These are reviews without text, only with a rate or with little text.

Examples of reviews that can be processed automatically:
Scenarios and opportunities of the RocketData autoresponder service
Customize auto replies according to the scenarios you choose:

  • selection by rating (including "no rating")
  • selection by time of receipt (days of the week, specific date or range)
  • selection by the content of the review ("without text" or "with text")

Get the full benefit of working with reviews with the of:

  • choosing the response templates
  • choosing the order of answers,
    if several are given (random or sequential)
  • select a source of reviews (catalog)
  • choice of locations

Auto-replies to reviews with a neural network — a system for generating a response text for any review using machine learning
When processing a review, the user can click a button to automatically generate a text with a response to this review (with the possibility to edit)

  • The response is generated by a neural network that is trained on past responses to similar company reviews, as well as responses to reviews from companies in a similar field
  • The auto-suggestion system automatically selects the most suitable template for responding to a review, which was previously created by the user
  • You just have to check the text of the response and send it
    RocketData auto-replies to reviews allow you to:
    Save employees
    Save your time processing reviews with specific scenarios while adhering
    to corporate standards
    Reply to reviews
    Autoresponder work "seven days a week", even on holidays or when employees are on vacation. Response speed within 15 minutes
    Increase the level of trust to the company
    Listings with replies to reviews generate more trust among users, which stimulates additional views
    Increase rating
    and conversion
    Increase your star rating, the growth of which affects the possibility of getting into the top local search results and increases the conversion to points of sale

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