How to raise your company visibility in Google Search results by 124% in 6 months
How to raise your company visibility in Google Search results by 124% in 6 months
Under the BENU brand there are successfully represented by about 1,400 pharmacies in 10 European countries.

They make an outstanding contribution to healthcare — dispense around 114 million drugs, offer top brand cosmetics and skin care products, and give advice on questions concerning medication and general health.
Company's profile
European countries
pharmacies in Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia)
90 000
brand queries in Baltic stateson an average monthly basis

Company's goals when connecting RocketData

To correct information and add missing listings
to popular location-based services

Before RocketData, BENU was keeping its information on the maps up-to-date manually. However, with more than 250 locations, it was quite difficult — there were still mistakes, for example, in working hours on Google. Many listings didn't exist at all that meant they were "invisible" for potential customers.

The company realized that it was very important to broadcast the correct information to customers wherever they search, especially during the pandemic, when a customer needs to find the nearest pharmacy and visit it as soon as possible.

To add and maintain the relevance of information on maps in a convenient way, the company BENU decided to set up RocketData solution.
How many BENU locations were missing or with mistakes in the digital sources before connecting RocketData

To start systematically working with reviews and respond to reviews in time

BENU has always monitored its reputation and tried to answer customer reviews. But it was manual process, and employees often answered late, sometimes even in a month.

However, it is important for customers to receive the company's response as soon as possible, because they expect to solve their problem "here and now".

According to the Harris survey, 33% of clients change their negative review into positive after receiving an official company reply, and 34% delete the negative review at all.

Therefore, one of the company's goals was to set up the process of gathering reviews to a single account and launch the RocketData autoresponder service, which allows to answer reviews automatically.

What RocketData did

Updated information in existing pharmacies listings and corrected mistakes
Optimized listings to increase their visibility for customers
Added missing listings of pharmacies to popular location-based services so that customers can always find them
Verified listings on Google to take them under control and protect from third-party changes
Provided a single interface and additional services for work with customer reviews

Local optimization

Brand and reviews management

Local optimization

The results of RocketData connection

online presence management

How the company's online presence has changed 6 month after RocketData connection

missing or incorrect listings
correct listings
Correct listings
Listings being synchronized
Status of BENU online presence six months after RocketData connection
State of BENU online presence before RocketData connection

How the visibility of listings on Google has changed 6 month after RocketData connection

With proper local optimization, company listings are more often shown in TOP-3 search results called Local Pack.

44% of users choose a company from TOP-3 (Local Pack)

BENU's Listings Views on Google Search increased

How interaction with listings on Google has changed 6 month after RocketData connection

listings in local search results allow customers to get quick information about your company.

The more necessary information the user receives from the listing, the more useful actions he performs in it.
He looks at the opening hours of a coffee house or builds a route in order to eventually visit your locations.
visits to the company's website
phone calls to pharmacies
built routes to pharmacies directly from the listings

The results of RocketData connection

online reputation management

How dynamics of reviews with responses changed 6 month after RocketData connection

The more responses to reviews are in your listings, the more trust and desire to view them users have.

To respond systematically and promptly, BENU set up auto responses in RocketData according to the different reviews scenarios.
Since the moment of RocketData launch. The quantity of reviews with responses has increased
Dynamics of reviews with responses after connecting RocketData
3 times

The main results of BENU and RocketData cooperation

Relevant information everywhere

Increased listings visibility

More reviews with answers

BENU company has updated the information of all its pharmacies and now maintains the relevance automatically with RocketData.
BENU pharmacy business increased its listings visibility in search results by 124% as well as customers' interactions with listings (routes, phone calls, etc.)
Due to gathering all the reviews and answering many of them automatically, BENU increased the quantity of reviews with responses by 3 times.
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