Kcell & RocketData
case study

How to increase the number of built routes to sales offices during the pandemic by 142%
How to increase the number of built routes to sales offices by 142% during the pandemic
Kcell & RocketData
case study
Kcell is a mobile operator in Kazakhstan. The company is represented on the market by two brands: Kcell, whose target audience is corporate clients, and Activ, which is aimed at mass market subscribers.

The company provides services through an extensive high-quality mobile communications network that covers almost the entire territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

The company connected RocketData on May 29, 2020
Company's profile
sales offices
85 000
brand searches per month
mobile searches

Company's goals when connecting RocketData

Establish a systematic work with customer reviews in location-based services

"It is important for us that customers receive feedback in a timely manner, because this is a guarantee of their loyalty to our company.

Therefore, when connecting RocketData, the primary goal was to establish a systematic work with the Kcell customer reviews, which
they leave in location-based services and review sites.

RocketData platform should have made this task easier for us through centralized collection of feedback, quick notifications about them, as well as additional features in the form of templates and auto-replies".

reviews per month Kcell received
at the moment of RocketData connection
Aliya Sarkytbekova, Service Department, Kcell

Quickly add new office locations to maps and keep information up to date

"We also had the goal of adding the missing sales offices to popular location-based services and keeping information about them up-to-date.

RocketData had to speed up this process and remove the need to add
and manage data manually.

The number of sales offices is constantly growing, and it is important
forus that customers can always find accurate information about
offices in order to plan their visit without surprises".

How many Kcell locations were missing in the digital sources before connecting RocketData
Rakel Dyusembaeva, Retail Business Department, Kcell

What RocketData did

Updated information in existing Kcell listings and corrected mistakes

Optimized listings to increase their visibility for the user

Added missing listings of Kcell service points to popular location-based services so that customers can always find them
Verified listings on Google and Yandex to take them under control and protect them from third-party changes
Provided a single interface and additional services for work
with customer reviews

Local optimization

Brand and reviews management

Local optimization

The results of RocketData connection

online presence management

How the number of brand listings impressions has changed
after RocketData connection

After connecting RocketData, Kcell added the missing office listings to location-based services, thereby expanding the presence of its offices on the Internet.

As a result, users began to find listings more often
by branded queries, for example, "kcell office".

by 2.5 times
In 6 months, the number of brand impressions of the Kcell's offices has grown
Dynamics of brand listings impressions 2019-2020

How the interaction with listings on Google has changed
after RocketData connection

Listings in local search results allow clientsto quickly get information about your company.

The more necessary information the user gets from your listing, the more useful actions — calls, building routes — he makes in order to finally visit your location.
calls to sales offices
listing views in Google Search and Maps
built routes

How the interaction with listings on Yandex has changed
after RocketData connection

With full local optimization by RocketData, Kcell's listings began to be impressed to users more often. And users,
in turn, became more willing to interact with them and, despite the pandemic, build routes to sales offices more often.
visits to website
listings impressions by brand queries (e.g. "kcell office")
built routes
calls to sales offices

The results of RocketData connection

online reputation management

How the number of reviews with responses has changed
after RocketData connection

Employees have set up templates to respond to common user reviews and questions, allowing them
to process more reviews in less time.

For cases where there is no text in the review, but only
a rating, the company has set up auto-replies.
by 2 times
Thus, in 6 months the company has increased the number of reviews with answers
The number of reviews with responses before and after RocketData connection

How customers react to improved process of work with reviews

With the help of RocketData, Kcell employees began
to track negative reviews, quickly respond to them and personally solve each situation with the client, gradually improving their service.
Customers noticed that and began to change their minds — change reviews and put a high rating, which means an increase in consumer loyalty.

The main results of Kcell & RocketData mutual work

Growth in listing impressions by branded queries

More targeted actions directly from listings

2 times more reviews with responses

After adding the missing Kcell's listings, users began to find service points more often by branded queries (e.g., "kcell office"). Thus, listings impressions by brand in Yandex increased by 145%.
Thanks to the local optimization of Kcell's listings, users have become more willing to interact with them. So, despite the pandemic, customers began to build routes to Kcell offices on Google by 142%.
Systematic work with reviews, the use of templates and auto-replies in RocketData allowed Kcell to double the number of reviews with answers, and customers began to change their reviews to positive ones more often.

Kcell's review about RocketData

"The main advantage of RocketData is that the platform saves time for our team both when dealing with reviews and with a local presence. The adding of a new service point is easy and fast, because we create it in a single interface, while the office is displayed in all mapping systems.

Also, it is convenient to update the working hours of our offices in all maps through a single interface.
It is possible to set a temporary mode of operation (for example, on holidays) and temporary closure
of the office. You can fix these parameters once, and then not return to them to change them back.

From the point of view of processing reviews, it is convenient that you do not need to go to each catalog or each location separately and look for reviews yourself. It is enough to enable automatic notifications in RocketData, which will notify you of each new comment. To optimize the work, we
use templates for answers to the most popular customer reviews and questions. In the case when there is no text in the review, but only a rating, we have set up auto-replies. All these features provide convenience for the operator and speed of response.

We also use RocketData to analyze reviews — we regularly provide reports on complaints, ratings and reviews to interested departments, track the time our employees work on reviews, and personally resolve each dispute with the client."

Kcell Team
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