RocketData and MTBank case study

How to increase the visibility of bank listings in local search results by 5 times
How to increase the visibility of bank listings in local search results by 5 times
RocketData and
MTBank case study
MTBank is an innovative bank with foreign capital included
in the top 10 Belarusian banks.

It provides technological financial services for private and business clients.

The company connected RocketData on April 5, 2020.

Company's profile
bank branches
280 000
brand searches per month
mobile searches

Why MTBank connected RocketData

Reputation management is a part of MTBank's marketing strategy.

"Today, the reputation of a company on the Internet directly affects whether its customers choose to turn to it.

Reputation is not just a word, but a reflection of the reality where the brand acts as a major factor in finding investors and the loyalty of customers who are ready to return and use company's services and products.

MTBank communicates with clients in channels convenient for it. RoсketData is connected to suggest convenient tools for managing online presence in working with business reputation."
Violetta Yezerskaya, Head of Marketing Department, MTBank

Bank's goals when connecting RocketData

Take control of the information on the maps and incoming reviews

"MTBank has a wide network of branches throughout Belarus, as well as self-service devices (ATMs, info kiosks, currency exchange terminals, depository machines, etc.).

One of the key tasks for RocketData was to update the information of our locations in a timely manner (mainly working hours), as well as control the feedback received on the maps and provide us with convenient tools for working with them. "
How many MTBank locations were missing or with mistakes in the digital sources before connecting RocketData
Violetta Yezerskaya,
Head of Marketing Department, MTBank

Automate the process of adding and changing bank information in location-based services

" Moving from one place to another, opening and closing branches is a natural process for a bank. Particularly dynamic in terms of geolocation are self-service devices.

In addition, last year there was a rare event for financial market — another bank joined MTBank. During this period, we faced the following tasks: we had to close and rename the locations of that bank, as well as change all the addresses.

To automate the process of changing locations' data, we needed a service like RocketData."
Snezhana Nikitina,
Website manager, MTBank

What RocketData did

Updated information in existing MTBank listings and corrected mistakes
Optimized listings to increase their visibility for the users
Added missing listings of MTBank branches to popular location-based services so that customers can always find them
Verified listings on Google and Yandex to take them under control and protect from third-party changes
Provided a single interface and additional services for work with customer reviews

Local optimization

Brand and reviews management

Local optimization

The results of RocketData connection

online presence management

How the visibility of listings on Yandex has changed after RocketData connection

category impressions, when the user searched for a branch or ATM of any bank and the search gave him an MTBank listing
direct impressions, when the user was looking for exactly MTBank by its name

Dynamics of MTBank listings' brand impressions
after RocketData connection

After connecting RocketData, MTBank added the missing listings to location-based services, thereby expanding the presence of their brand on the Internet.

As a result, users began to find cards more often by branded queries, for example, "mtbank".
by 5 times
Thus, for six months, the number of listings impressions by brand increased
Dynamics of branded listing impressions on Yandex 2019/2020

How interaction with listings on Yandex has changed
after RocketData connection

Listings in local search results allow the client to quickly get information about your company.

The more necessary information the user gets from your listings, the more useful actions — calls, building routes — he makes in order to eventually visit your location
calls from listings
reviews views
open hours views
clicks to the website
built routes

Dynamics of built routes on Google after RocketData connection

RocketData was connected at the beginning of the pandemic.

However, despite this, thanks to full local optimization with RocketData, bank listings began to be shown to users on Google more often, and those, in turn, began to build routes to branches directly from the maps more often.
by 1,5 times
For six months, the number of built routes from Google Maps, increased despite the pandemic
Dynamics of built routes from Google listings 2019/2020

The results of RocketData connection

online reputation management

How has the number of reviews with responses changed
after RocketData connection

Employees of the company set up Autoresponder service to reply to typical user reviews, which allows them to process more reviews in less time.

If the client writes about an unpopular problem, the answer is compiled manually, since the bank's task is to understand the situation.
by 3 times
Since connecting RocketData, the average speed of responding to reviews has increased
Number of reviews with responses before and after connecting RocketData

How customers react to improved quality of work with reviews

With the help of RocketData, MTBank employees began to track negative reviews, quickly respond to them and personally solve each situation with the client, gradually correcting the shortcomings and service.
Customers noticed this and began to change their minds — change reviews, put a high rating, which means an increase in consumer loyalty.

MTBank's feedback about review management with RocketData

Alexandra Rumyantseva, Head of Retail Clients Relations Department, MTBank
"Firstly, we gave customers the opportunity to leave reviews where it is convenient for them! This tool can be used to increase loyalty when working with the MTBank brand.

It is convenient for us that all reviews are collected in one account and no time wasted tracking reviews on different sites.

We began to actively use Autoresponder service . This made it possible to instantly respond to negative reviews, motivating the user to describe the problem in more detail. If a specific complaint or gratitude is received to the department or an employee, it is fixed, which affects the assessment of the quality of the department's work or individual employees.

All complaints containing specific indications of a defect in the process/product of the bank are analyzed and, if possible, the shortcomings are eliminated. Thus, the system becomes self-organizing."
«Во-первых, мы дали клиентам возможность оставлять отзывы там, где им удобно! Данный функционал можно использовать как инструмент повышения лояльности при работе с брендом МТБанка.

Для нас удобно, что все отзывы собираются в один кабинет — не тратится время на отслеживание отзывов на разных сайтах.

Мы стали активно использовать автоответы. Это позволило мгновенно реагировать на негативные отзывы, мотивируя пользователя на более подробное описание проблемы. Если поступает конкретная жалоба или благодарность на отделение или сотрудника, она фиксируется, что влияет на оценку качества работы отделения или отдельных сотрудников.

Все жалобы, содержащие конкретные указания на недоработку в процессе/продукте банка, анализируются, и при наличии возможности — недостатки устраняются. Таким образом система становится самоорганизационной».

Results of using the posts creation service
after connection it in RocketData

"Due to the large number of locations, the implementation of the service goes through several stages.

At first, we were testing additional RocketData products to assess the workload of responsible employees, as well as to see what changes are reflected in the RocketData reports.

In the fall, we saw a significant increase in site visits and impressions in categories when we started using the Post creation service.

Now we are launching the full use of this service with a publication plan for several months."
publication impressions
clicks on publication
Snezhana Nikitina,
Website manager, MTBank

The main results of MTBank & RocketData mutual work

Growth of listing impressions in local search results

More targeted actions directly from listings

3 times faster response time per review

After adding the missing MTBank listings, users began to find branches more often by direct queries (for example, "MTBank ATM") and by category (for example, "ATM nearby"). Direct impressions on Yandex increased by 340%, and category impressions by 67%.
Thanks to the local optimization of listings, users have become more willing to interact with them. Thus, customers began to view the opening hours of branches on Yandex 91% more often and build routes to them 69% more often. The number of built routes on Google increased by 1.5 times.
Thanks to the automated collection of reviews and quick response to them, as well as the Autoresponder service, MTBank employees were able to increase the average speed of responding to reviews by 3 times, and customers began to change their reviews to positive ones more often.

MTBank's review about RocketData

" The two key goals when connecting RocketData were to timely update the open hours of our branches and respond to reviews. With the help of the RocketData platform, we managed to solve both of these issues. We took control of information about our branches on popular maps and location-based services and established a systematic work with reviews through the RocketData personal account.

From the point of view of working with reviews, Auto-replies to popular customer reviews help us a lot: once set up, and the result can immediately be assessed by the number of reviews with answers. Due to the Autoresponder service, the speed of processing reviews by our employees increased by an average of 3 times.

Also, thanks to RocketData, we analyze the level of service in our branches, monitor negative reviews and analyze demand. So, for example, if the cash settlement center experiences a constant demand for cash withdrawal services, then we additionally install there an ATM and based on the feedback, we decide where to place it — for example, not inside the branch, but nearby.

We see how, thanks to our reactions, customers change their opinion for the better and rate us higher. Therefore, we plan to continue working on the online reputation of our bank and test additional RocketData services."
Violetta Yezerskaya,
Head of Marketing Department, MTBank
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