Ozon & RocketData
case study

How the marketplace increased traffic to the website from location-based services by 430%
How the marketplace increased traffic to the website from location-based services by 430%
Ozon & RocketData
case study
Ozon is the leading e-commerce marketplace in CIS region with over 1 million orders per day and door-to-door delivery across 11 time zones.

The marketplace offers >80M product items in 20 categories.
The company connected RocketData on May 29, 2021
Company's image
>15 000
points of delivery
950 000
brand searches per day
mobile searches

Company's goals when connecting RocketData

Systematically add points of delivery to the maps and location-based services

« Initially, the managers of the delivery points independently added data about their locations to the maps. The data wasn't systematized and differed on maps (phone numbers, descriptions and even logos). In addition, some locations were not added at all.

That is, the user could enter the query "ozon pickup point" and see only 14% of the total number of locations. We didn't want to lose customers in location-based services, so we decided to connect RocketData».

How many Ozon locations were missing and
with errors at the time of connecting RocketData

Daria Inglina, Head of Regional Marketing at Ozon

Take control of the information on the maps and incoming reviews

«When connecting RocketData, it was also important for us to quickly update information on each delivery point, since the data is very dynamic and constantly changing due to the huge number of points.

We chose RocketData cause it provides a single interface where you can instantly update information on the specific point, add a new delivery point to the map, as well as monitor all customer reviews from maps and other popular sites and quickly respond to them»

Daria Inglina, Head of Regional Marketing at Ozon

What RocketData did after connecting

Updated information in existing Ozon's listings and corrected mistakes
Optimized listings to increase their visibility for the user and increase the number of visits to the site
Added missing listings of delivery points to popular location-based services so that customers can always find them
Verified listings on Google and Yandex to take them under control and protect them from third-party changes
Provided a single interface and additional services for work
with customer reviews

Local optimization

Brand and reviews management

Local optimization

The results of RocketData connection

Online presence management

How the interaction with listings on Google has changed
after connecting RocketData

Listings in local search results allow clientsto quickly get information about your company.

The more necessary information the user gets from your listing, the more useful actions— calls, building routes — he makes in order to finally visit your location.
built routes
listings impressions on brand queries (e.g., "ozon nearby")
calls to delivery points

How the interaction with listings on Yandex has changed
after connecting RocketData

With full local optimization by RocketData, Ozon's listings are shown to users more often, and users, in turn, become more willing to interact with them — build routes, call to delivery points, and, of course, visit them.
website visits from listings
listings impressions on brand queries (e.g., "ozon nearby")
built routes
calls to delivery points

The results of RocketData connection

Online reputation management

How the number of reviews with responses has changed
after connecting RocketData

After connecting RocketData, Ozon received a convenient tool for working with reviews.

Employees have set up templates to respond to common user reviews and questions, allowing them to process more reviews in less time.

by 5 times
Thus, in six months the company has increased the number of reviews with answers
The number of reviews with responses before and after RocketData connection

How customers react to improved quality
of work with reviews

With the help of RocketData, Ozon employees began to track negative reviews and analyze the quality of delivery points: fix errors in information, give feedback to the representatives of the points, gradually improving the service.
Customers noticed that and began to change their minds — change reviews, give a high rating, which means an increase in customer loyalty.

The main results of Ozon & RocketData
mutual work

Growth in listing impressions by branded queries

More targeted actions directly from listings

5 times more reviews with responses

After adding the missing Ozon's listings, users began to more often find delivery points by branded queries (e.g., "Ozon nearby"). Listing impressions grew by 138% on Google and 84% on Yandex.
Thanks to the local optimization of listings, users became more willing to interact with them. Customers began to build routes to Ozon delivery points in Google by 194% more often and by 116% in Yandex, as well as by 431% more often visit the company's website directly from the listings.
Systematic work with reviews and the use of templates allowed Ozon to increase the number of reviews with responses by 5 times, and customers began to change their reviews to positive ones more often.

Ozon's review of RocketData

«With the help of the RocketData platform, we have been able to reduce the amount of time we spend on adding points to the maps and systematizing them. Only in 2021, the network of delivery points has grown several times. Connecting RocketData also made it easier for our partners who open delivery points, as now they don't need to spend time entering data over and over again on different sites.

Separately, we would like to note the convenience of working with online reputation through RocketData: it is important for us to keep in touch with Ozon customers and we try to quickly respond to their feedback and questions in location-based services. To do this, we actively use templates for responding to reviews in RocketData in order to process the same type of user questions that they leave in the listings.

Thanks to RocketData, we analyze the quality of delivery points work, monitor negative reviews, and monitor our delivery points data to be up-to-date. And, of course, we share feedback from customers with delivery points managers and with representatives of Ozon internal services».

Daria Inglina, Head of Regional Marketing at Ozon
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