How to increase the customer flow during the high season with the help of online presence management
PUMA Ukraine & RocketData Case Study
PUMA is a global German brand that offers its customers sportswear for motorsport, running, training, and lifestyle.

In 2006, the brand opened its first store in Ukraine.

Company's image
Company's goals when launching RocketData
Comprehensively and systematically work with reviews and questions from customers
"The PUMA brand has a philosophy called Be Nice. These are the customer service standards by which all branded stores in any city in the world operate. The key focus of the program is to exceed expectations. So that the client, even if he did not make a purchase, left the store with a pleasant impression.

When connecting RocketData, we, first of all, wanted to get a tool with which we can maintain these standards: monitor customer reviews and questions on a daily basis, quickly respond to them, and also analyze points of sale in terms of service quality."

Promptly update information and add
outlets to maps
"We also decided to take control of information on location-based services and keep it up to date with the help of RocketData.

It is very convenient that from a single dashboard we're able to update information, change the opening hours of stores on holidays, add new stores to popular maps and navigators. Already after 3 months of connecting to RocketData, 80% of our points of sale were synchronized with location-based services."

POS synchronization results 3 months after connecting RocketData. Launch date: 07/16/2020
What RocketData did after the launch
Updated information in existing PUMA listings and corrected mistakes
Optimized listings to increase their visibility and increase foot traffic organically
Added missing store listings to popular location-based services so that customers can always find them
Verified listings on Google to take control of them and protect them from third-party changes
Provided a single interface and additional services to work with reviews
Local SEO optimization
Reputation and reviews management
Local SEO optimization
The results of RocketData launch - online presence management
  • How interaction with PUMA Ukraine listings has changed in the high season after the RocketData launch
The high season for the company is always accompanied by an increase in customer activity.

To understand how RocketData has affected user interaction with PUMA listings, we compared the company's high season (April-September)
before the RocketData connection and the high season after.

Here are the results we got:

website visits
listings impressions for categorical queries (e.g., "sports store")
built routes

  • How the visibility of PUMA Ukraine listings has changed in the high season after the RocketData launch
Views on Google Search
Views on Google Maps
Listings began to get into Local Pack more often (top 3 companies in local search results)
The number of store views on Google Maps has increased
The results of RocketData launch - online reputation management
  • How the number of reviews with responses has changed after the RocketData launch
by 20 times
After connecting RocketData, PUMA Ukraine received a convenient tool for working with reviews.

The company was able to build a systematic work with customer reviews, increasing the number of responses to reviews
Average response time per review shortened
by 2,5 times
Number of reviews with answers before and after connecting RocketData
  • How customers react to improved quality of work with reviews
Due to the fact that the company began to analyze reviews and make the necessary changes in the work of stores, customers noticed this and began to change their minds — adjust reviews and ratings, which means increasing the level of consumer loyalty.

Main results of PUMA Ukraine local optimization
with RocketData

Visibility increase of
company's listings on Google

The company's listings are 96% more visible to users for category queries, such as "sports store". Also, 77% and 186% more users view listings on Google Search and Maps, respectively. This means that PUMA Ukraine cards are ahead of competitors in the local market.

More built routes
to the stores

As the visibility of listings increased, users became more willing to interact with them.
Thus, customers began to build routes to PUMA Ukraine stores 63% more often, which means an increase in foot traffic to stores. And also 79% more likely to visit the company's website directly from Google listings.

Shortened response time
to reviews

Automated reviews collection and quick notifications enabled the company to shorten the average response time by 2.5 times, and customers began to change their reviews to positive ones more often.

PUMA Ukraine review about RocketData
"The RocketData platform helps our company quickly add information about new outlets to location-based services and keep it up to date. During the use of RocketData, PUMA opened 10 new stores in Ukraine and was able to automatically add new points to the location-based services we need. Today, we are confident that our customers find PUMA stores at the right address and can always contact the company at the right phone number. This helps us not to lose customers.

We also want to note that RocketData for us is also a convenient tool for working with brand reputation. We have service standards in place and with RocketData we have been able to establish a process whereby we respond to all reviews from our customers and analyze them to improve the quality of customer service."

PUMA Ukraine team
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