Tairai and RocketData case study

How spa centers chain got +150% of phone calls from maps in six months
How spa centers chain got +150% of phone calls from maps in six months
Thairai and RocketData case study
Tairai is one of the biggest massage salons chain in Russia. The company specializes in traditional Thai massage and SPA-programs based on natural cosmetics from Thailand.

Since 2010 Tairai works on the franchise business model and opens 3-4 new salons per month.

Thairai connected RocketData on August 13, 2020
Company's profile
40 000
brand searches per month
mobile searches

Company's goals when connecting RocketData

Take control over salons' information in location-based services and quickly add new locations

"Every month, Tairai opens 3-4 salons. It's difficult to manage all listings manually and keep the data up-to-date with such a rapid company's growth.

We set two main goals when connecting RocketData. First, we wanted to take control over the information about our salons. Second, we wanted to add new locations quickly and easily.

We connected RocketData to help us set up smart online presence management of all our salons from a single account."
How many Tairai locations were missing or with mistakes in the digital sources before connecting RocketData
Oksana Evstratyeva, brand manager at Tairai

Build a process for fast and high-quality review processing

"We value the opinion of our guests and it has always been important for us to track reviews. But since the reviews come to different sites, it is not always possible to quickly notice them and, accordingly, respond quickly.

RocketData offers the ability to receive notifications about new reviews and respond to them promptly from one single account. So, we decided to connect the platform and build a process of fast and high-quality review processing."
Oksana Evstratyeva, brand manager at Tairai

What RocketData did

Updated information in existing listings and corrected mistakes
Optimized listings to increase their visibility for the user on maps and in local search results
Added missing listings of salons to popular location-based services so that customers can always find them nearby
Verified listings on Google, Yandex and 2GIS to take them under control and protect from third-party changes
Provided a single interface and templates for work with customer reviews

Local optimization

Brand and reviews management

Local optimization

The results of RocketData connection

online presence management

Dynamics of listings impressions by brand after connecting RocketData

At the moment of RocketData connection, Google was the main source of traffic from maps to the Tairai salons.

However, together with RocketData, the company added the missing salons to Yandex services, thereby expanding the online presence of the Tairai brand and increasing the company's visibility for customers on the Yandex.Maps.
by 2 times
In 6 months, the number of brand impressions of the Tairai's salons in Yandex increased
Dynamics of brand impressions on Google and Yandex after connecting RocketData
RocketData connection
--------------------------and caught up with the number of impressions on Google
Listings are synced
Impressions on Google
Impressions on Yandex

Dynamics of listings impressions by category after connecting RocketData

impressions by category on Yandex in 6 months
After full local optimization in RocketData, listings are more likely to appear in search results by category queries. For example, "Thai massage", "Thai spa", i.e. when the user is looking for a service, not a specific salon.
This is how the competitiveness of listings in local search results grows.
impressions by category on Google in six months

How the interaction with listings on Google has changed after connecting RocketData

At the time of connecting RocketData, the Tairai chain was better represented on Google rather than on other location-based services. But thanks to smart local optimization of the listings, users began to interact with them even more often.

You can see that the number of calls and routes directly from the listings has increased, as well as views of Tairai photos.
built routes
photos views
calls to salons

How Tairai uses additional Google functions

Another function of location-based services that is relevant for service companies is adding a price list directly to listings.

With the help of RocketData, Tairai has placed a price list of services in all salon listings so that customers can check the range of services and prices in advance.

Today, a company can update the price list at any time through the RocketData personal account.

How interaction with listings on Yandex has changed after connecting RocketData

Listings in local search results allow the client to quickly get information about your company.

The more necessary information the user receives from the listings, the more useful actions they perform in it. They call the salon to get advice or order a service, check opening hours or read reviews to make sure of the quality of services.
reviews views
photos views
opening hours views
calls to salons from listings

Dynamics of built routes on Yandex after connecting RocketData

Due to the fact that RocketData added the missing salon listings to Yandex, users began to build routes more often.

If you look at the dynamics of routes within a year, you can see even more significant growth. So, before connecting RocketData, users built ~ 8000 routes per month, after - ~ 16000 routes.
by 2 times
Over the year, the number of built routes from Yandex has increased
Dynamics of built routes from Tairai listings on Yandex for 2020-2021
RocketData connection
Listings are synced

The results of RocketData connection

online reputation management

How the number of reviews with responses has changed after connecting RocketData

After connecting RocketData, Tairai received a convenient tool for working with reviews.

Employees of the company have set up templates for responses to typical customer reviews, which allows them to process more reviews in less time.
by 5 times
Thus, during a year of work with the platform, the company increased the number of reviews with responses
Number of reviews with responses before and after connecting RocketData

Sentiment of reviews and company's rating after connecting RocketData

According to the research by Uberall, even a 0.1 increase in rating can lead to a 25% increase in conversion to a customer. Thus, by increasing the rating, Tairai increases its competitiveness in the market.

Due to the growth of listings impressions in location-based services, as well as Tairai's systematic work with reviews, the number of reviews about salons increased by 2 times during the year.
from 4.5 to 4.7
At the same time, the share of positive reviews increased from 93% to 95%, and with it the average rating also increased
Dynamics of positive and negative reviews after connecting RocketData

The main results of Tairai's work with the RocketData platform

Growth in listings impressions in local search results

More useful actions right from the listings

Average rating increase from 4.5 to 4.7

After adding of the missing Tairai listings, users began to find the salons more often by brand queries (e.g., "Tairai salon") and by category (e.g., "spa salon in the center"). Thus, brand impressions on Yandex have doubled in half a year.
Thanks to the local optimization of salon listings, users are more willing to interact with them. So, customers began to call the company directly from listings by 150% more often, more often view photos of Tairai salons, working hours, and read reviews. Over the year, the number of routes built from location-based services has doubled.
Systematic work with reviews and response templates allowed Tairai to increase the number of reviews
with responses by 5 times
. At the same time, the share of positive reviews increased from 93% to 95%, and with it the average rating increased from 4.5 to 4.7.

Tairai's feedback about working with RocketData

"With RocketData taking care of all the operational work, Tairai's employees have been spending less time creating new locations in location-based services as the process has become automated. If there are technical problems on the part of the sites, RocketData managers quickly help to solve them.

A significant part of the analysis of locations' service quality is done through tracking reviews in RocketData. We pay a lot of attention to negative and positive feedback about our product, because it allows us to learn about the guests' needs and problems, which we can satisfy and improve in Tairai.

Separately, I would like to note the convenience of working with reviews in RocketData: reviews are collected in a single personal account, and we do not have to open more than 100 salon listings daily to work them out. "Templates" section is also easy-to-use. There, we have included the obligatory phrase with our Support contact, contained in every response to negative reviews, and assets that support the Tairai brand style.

With RocketData, we try to work through all the reviews we receive from our guests, work on the bugs and maintain a high level of service quality in Tairai Thai massage and spa chain."
Oksana Evstratyeva, brand manager at Tairai
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