Happy Bar & Grill
and RocketData case study

How to get +253% of routes to restaurants after
the pandemic

Happy Bar & Grill is a chain of daily restaurants in Bulgaria, Spain and UK from 1994.

Now there are 23 Happy restaurants in Bulgaria, two more in Barcelona, Spain and the newest location in London, UK.

The restaurants are set in the largest towns, boasting top locations, or are top spots on the national road map.

There is also a company's own delivery service — Happy Delivery.
The company's image
Company's main goals when launching RocketData
1. To optimize restaurants' online presence

"It is important for us to make positive impressions on our clients at each point of contact, whether they visit our restaurants by foot or our local listings on Google.

Moreover, our restaurants should be visible for all kind of guests, even for travelers who often search through offline maps and navigators.

RocketData has to optimize our online presence and increase visibility of our listings."

Katrin Bogdanova, Digital Marketing Manager
2. To get full control of the brand including clients reviews

"We considered RocketData as a platform that would provide us with a convenient interface for managing brand information, for example, when opening a new restaurant or changing the opening hours during the holidays.

In addition, the platform should help us with restaurant reviews management so that we could gather all the reviews at one place and there was no chance to miss a single one."

Katrin Bogdanova, Digital Marketing Manager
What RocketData did after the launch on Oct 30, 2019
Updated information in existing restaurants' listings to fix mistakes
Added all missing listings to popular geo-services to give customers opportunities to find restaurants whether they search
Optimized listings to make them more visible for potential customers and increase foot traffic organically
Conducted bulk verification of listings to get them under control and protect from unauthorized changes
Provided a single interface and additional features for managing brand's information and reviews
Lokalna optymalizacja
Local optimization
Brand and reviews control
Results of local optimization with RocketData
  • How the company's online presence has changed after launching RocketData
Incorrect listings
Before RocketData
Listings being synchronized
After RocketData
  • How the visibility of restaurants has changed
    comparing 2019 and 2021
Listings Views on Google Search
Listings Views on Google Maps
Local Pack (TOP-3 of Google Search) that is viewed by44% of users
Google Maps
  • How the number of interactions with listings has changed
    comparing 2019 and 2021
A listing in local search replaces a company website.

The more "quick" information a user receives from your listing, the faster he will decide to contact your company or to visit your location.
clicks to the company's website
phone calls to restaurants
built routes to restaurants
Results of reviews management with RocketData
  • How the company works with reviews after the launch of RocketData
"Rocketdata is a great tool for working with reviews as you have just one place where all the information is coming so there is no chance to miss it.

It saves us a lot of time as we use all the report options in order to see the general picture concerning the quality of our service.

We prepare monthly reports for each restaurant which helps us analyze and improve where it is necessary. All this information is provided to our general managers and customer service team."

Katrin Bogdanova, Digital Marketing Manager

  • How clients react to the changes in restaurants after the reviews management with RocketData
Due to the fact that the company began to analyze reviews and take them into account for making improvements, people noticed that and started to change their reviews to positive ones, which means an increase of loyalty.

What about the pandemic
The benefits of RocketData launch during the pandemic
"Unfortunately, during the pandemic we had to change the way we provide our service.

With a single RocketData interface for managing our locations, we were able to quickly close/open restaurants and operate with them as a delivery provider.

Also RocketData helped us to stay up to date with the relevant information and reviews."

Katrin Bogdanova, Digital Marketing Manager
Summing up the local marketing results of Happy brand and RocketData
Relevant information

Happy company updated listings information and took it under control which led to staying with the relevant information during the pandemic and made it possible
to quickly manage (close/open) restaurants.
Increased local

The company increased its listings visibility in search results by 623% as well as customers interactions with listings, especially routes which always accompanied by growth
of foot traffic.
Smart reputation

Having a single interface for managing reviews, the company not only responded to them but also analyzed, improving
its service. As a result — clients became more loyal to the brand.
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