MediaMarkt & RocketData
case study

How to increase local visibility to 259% in 4 month

How to increase local visibility to 259% in 4 month
MediaMarkt & RocketData
case study
MediaMarkt is a number one consumer electronics retailer in Europe.

More than 800 stores with sales floors measuring
up to 10,000 square meters in 14 countries, an average assortment of 45,000 articles and an integrated online offering.
The company's image

MediaMarkt's main goals when launching RocketData

1. To correct information and add missing listings to popular location-based services

Before RocketData, the company MediaMarkt was presented mainly on Google and its services. The most often mistake
was incorrect opening hours, especially on weekends,
that could mislead potential customers. The company was
not visible in popular navigators, which made it much more difficult for customers to quickly get to stores.

RocketData had to fix all found mistakes, provide adding all
the stores to popular location-based services and its bulk verification so that customers always find the stores with
correct information where it's convenient for them.
2. To start systematically working with reviews to improve ratings

The company has always worked with customer reviews,
but this process in location-based services was not carried out systematically. Because of this, before RocketData the company's rating was 3.8. According to BrightLocal research, 52% of users will not use the services of a company if its rating is below 4.

MediaMarkt decided to set up a process of working with reviews in order to increase the ratings of its listings to 4+ stars.

RocketData was called upon to help with this.

What RocketData did after the launch on Nov 27, 2019

Updated information in existing stores listings to fix mistakes
Created missing stores listings on 20+ popular location-based services
Conducted bulk verification of listings to protect them from unauthorized changes
Optimized listings to increase their visibility in search engines
Gathered customer reviews to a single interface for efficient work with them

The results of RocketData launch — the work with company listings

  • How the company's online presence has changed 4 months after launching RocketData
Before RocketData
Listings being synchronized
4 months later
  • How the visibility of the company in search results has changed 4 months after launching RocketData
Listing views on Google Search
Listing views on Google Maps
Local Pack (TOP-3 of Google Search) this is viewed by 44% of users
  • How the number of interactions with listings has changed 4 months after launching RocketData
Listing in local search replaces a company website.

The more "quick" information a user receives from your listing, the faster he will decide to contact your company or to come to your store.
visits to the company's website
photos views by customers
phone calls to stores


The results of RocketData launch — the work with reviews

  • The change of average listings rating 4 month after launching RocketData
Thanks to RocketData, MediaMarkt has the ability to quickly track new reviews through notifications.

This allowed the customer service department to timely neutralize negativity, resolve controversial issues with customers and encourage them to leave more positive reviews.
  • Questions and Answers on Google
It is possible to ask a company exactly in its listings on Google.

If a company doesn't answer these questions anyone can do it, sometimes incorrectly, that could lead to spreading false answers.

RocketData gathered all the customers questions in a single interface so that the MediaMarkt's staff could answer them immediately. This has become especially important during the pandemic, when the company had to provide customers with
up-to-date information about each store every day.
The main results of MediaMarkt's local optimization
with RocketData
Relevant information everywhere

The company MediaMarkt has updated the information of all its stores and now maintains the relevance
automatically with RocketData.
Increased listings visibility

The company increased its listings visibility in search results till 259%
as well as customers interactions
with listings (phone calls,
website visits, etc.).
Raised star rating

Due to gathering all the reviews and answering them, MediaMarkt raised
its average star rating from 3.8 to 4.1 during the first 4 month of using RocketData.
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