Reputation management services you should know about in 2022

Online reputation management remains a strong digital trend in 2022. SEO experts say that all stages of a company's interaction with the "outside world" affect the local search results, including working with reviews in location-based services, social networks and other sites where customers can describe their impression of a company's product or service.

Building an online reputation is a systemic process that includes several aspects at once. In order for a company to benefit from customer feedback, it is important to use modern and efficient reputation management services. In this article, we will talk about five tools that will simplify the work with reviews for your company.


Review Center

According to the Uberall study, 88% of users trust reviews from customers as well as recommendations from friends. This means that when potential customers are thinking about buying a product or service, they look for information on the Internet and read reviews. Feedback from other users is one of the most important factors in deciding whether to contact the company or not.

Manual monitoring of customer reviews is a long and not always systematic process. Since a specialist who is responsible for online reputation management needs to store passwords from many services, keep records and analyze feedback, and, most importantly, process it promptly, because 20% of users are waiting for a response from the company within one day.

We at RocketData developed a convenient Review Center tool that automatically collects all customer reviews into a single account and provides the ability to immediately respond to them. That is, a manager responsible for online reputation doesn't need to store passwords from several sites and each time get used to a new interface in order to respond to reviews.
Each review deserves attention, because thanks to the responses to them, the company forms a positive perception and increases customer loyalty. The Review Center reputation service was developed in order to save employees time and cover the maximum number of reviews.
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Autoresponder Service

According to RocketData, 40% of company customers leave reviews with little or without text, only with a rating. This means that they can be processed using the Autoresponder service. Here are some examples of such reviews:
In your RocketData personal account, you can set up auto-replies in accordance with the following scenarios:

  • choice by rating: for example, set one answer for a rating of four or five stars and another for a rating below three;

  • choice by receiving feedback: you can set specific days of the week or a range, for example, you can use auto-replies only on weekends or holidays;

  • choice by the content of the review: for example, select auto-replies separately for reviews with and without text.
Thanks to the RocketData Autoresponder service, a company will be able to save employee time, always promptly respond to customer reviews, increase the level of trust in the company and stimulate interest in products or services, increase rating and conversion to sales.

Online Reputation Analysis

Review analysis is an important marketing tool that can be used to set up several processes within a company at once. For example, hire more employees to reduce customer wait times, make a more varied menu, revise HR processes, or add SMS notifications about new promotions. With the help of a review, the client can explain why he will choose the company again or, on the contrary, will not come to you anymore.
Experts understand the importance of analyzing reviews as a great part of reputation management, but often don't conduct it due to difficulty and absence of time. After all, each review needs to be read to understand the mood of the client who wrote it and to identify the problem and a plan for solving it.

We at RocketData understood this problem and developed an Online Reputation Analysis service that collects all reviews in a single personal account, analyzes them, monitors the mood of customers and compares competing companies by reviews and ratings. The service can also control the work of employees who respond to reviews. For example, RocketData tracks the number of reviews processed and the average response time.

Review Generation Service

Search engines cannot judge at a glance which listing to show above others. To do this, they are guided by the signals that they understand. Reviews are one of them. The better the company works with its online reputation, the more often and higher listings are shown to users by search engines.
google local seo
SEO experts have researched the factors that influence the company's listings ranking on Google.
Reviews got 17%: the number, frequency of posting and responses to reviews.
This means that you need to constantly generate new reviews. RocketData Review Generation service allows you to do this with:

  • SMS mailings with a suggestion to leave a review;

  • QR codes that can be placed in retail outlets, on promotional products with a suggestion to leave a review about a specific location's goods and services.
Also, RocketData divides reviews into positive and negative. The service also measures NPS — a metric for determining the level of customer loyalty to a company, product or brand, and his willingness to recommend a product or service to his surroundings. The essence of NPS is that the client is offered a questionnaire with a single question: is he ready to recommend a company, product or service to friends and acquaintances.
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To create a positive company's image online, you can also find influencers who meet the requirements of the company and have an engaged audience, and collaborate with them through special services: for example, YouScan.

Multi-access for working with reviews

Managing a company's online reputation can be time-consuming. Especially if your business has many locations and, accordingly, Google listings (not to mention profiles on review sites), each of which receives reviews daily.

To make work easier, faster, more systematic and efficient, it is important to competently delegate and distribute it among employees, so that each team member is responsible for their specific area of work. Specifically to appoint those ones for work with reviews and be able to analyze and control their work.

For these purposes, RocketData developed Multi-access for working with reviews. With this reputation management tool you can connect your employees to RocketData account and distribute access rights as:
  • Administrator — has full access to all personal account features.

  • Reputation Manager — has access only to work with reviews both in specific listings and throughout all the locations.

  • Watcher — this is an access type to monitor the work: you can only view the information and analyze the results.
Effective distribution of roles assures you that everyone does their part of the work. Moreover, you will always know who works with the online reputation of your company and be sure there is no mess or other employees' interference.

To sum up

Working with reviews is a complex process that includes several aspects at once: collection, processing, analysis, generation, and systematic monitoring. To work effectively with business reputation, you are to choose the best reputation management services for your company.
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