What Local SEO is about in 2022

Local SEO is constantly changing. And if earlier local companies have often neglected the latest learnings and trends in local search, today it is absolutely necessary to get ahead of competitors and be there for potential customers using instruments of local marketing. Almost every company is now online and customers expect that they can easily find local businesses in the search results. Thus, we can say that nowadays local SEO is one of the main parts of online marketing.

In this article, we'll refer to the 2022 Report by ReviewTrackers* and talk about local SEO trends and statistics that can help your company to overview the current local search situation, understand how it influences the ways people search and how you can use it.
*ReviewTrackers asked consumers about their local search habits and the ways they interact with local search information. Company also communicated with more than 500 companies to see how they do local search optimization and implement online presence management strategies.

Local Search Today

Today people search for places to learn where they are and what is nearby. So, they make their searches mostly according to their current locations. Moreover, customers' local search behavior differs from what it was earlier — being always on the go, they are not interested in general information. Now they need specific information that brings them use. Specifically: address, working hours, phone number, menu, etc. as well as reviews about the company and ratings. It means, they need the information on contact data and reputation that we can easily find in business listings we see when we do a local search.
google reviews
User behavior has really changed over time. So now local SEO became more important than ever cause it helps businesses to give their customers the desired information.
Google says that customers are 2.7 times more likely to consider a business reputable if they find a complete Business Profile on Google Search and Maps. And they are 70% more likely to visit and 50% more likely to consider purchasing from businesses with a complete Business Profile.

Let's Dive Into Local SEO Trends 2022

Why do we need this information? These trends should help business owners, digital marketing specialists, and managers to improve their local marketing strategy, optimize their online presence and manage online reputation as well as improve customer loyalty and connect their businesses to their target audience. So what are the trends?

The prevailing number of local searches are mobile

According to ReviewTrackers, 57% of local searches are made from smartphones or tablets.
google local seo
*The diagram is built based on ReviewTrackers Report Data
As we've already noted, today almost everyone is on the go. So it's just convenient for users to use their smartphones to search for local places to find a product or a service.

What is interesting, local searches are primarily done in browsers: 88% of local searches are done through a web browser and only 11% are done through map apps. Apps may seem handy, but it is still easier for customers to simply open a browser and search.

Millennials are very used to local search

Life is fast, so modern customers find quick solutions to satisfy their needs. In most cases, millennials are the ones who search to shop or at least to visit a company. The statistics show that 42% of millennials who search locally more often also visit the places they found.

Compared with people from other age groups, they are 50% more likely to search locally on the go, cause they often want to visit a company immediately just while they passing by.
google local search
*The diagram is built based on ReviewTrackers Report Data
So if you want to attract millennials to your business pay thorough attention to your company's online presence and reputation to get to the top of local search results and catch their attention. And that is why…

When doing a local search, customers need to see special signals they trust

There are ranking factors that are important for Google as the search engine to rank you up and there are signals which your potential customers pay attention to at the very moment they see local search results. These signal influence their decision to visit your business and buy a product or a service.

Top-3 signals that influence your potential customers:

  • Photos of your business — 24%
  • Google reviews about your company — 21%
  • Your position on the search engine results page (SERP) — 21%
google business profile
*The diagram is built based on ReviewTrackers Report Data
That means your target audience is more attracted to listing with first positions (high rating), prevailing positive reviews on Google, and high-quality photos. Should we say that these things are worth being managed? Let's dig into the reasons.

Photos of your business

Statistics on local SEO states that users tend to pay attention to good photos in local listings. So it's important to be sure your business listing profile picture, as well as photos in the description, be of high quality and relevant to your business.

We at RocketData, developed a Photo Management Tool specially for your business to keep an eye on your visual online presence. With the help of it, you can easily collect all the photos in a single dashboard and manage those which are unattractive or irrelevant for your business.
The majority of customers with purchasing power now are people with strong visual perception. Therefore, photos are simply necessary to hook the user and attract him as a client to your company.
google listing photos

Reviews about your company on Google

Today, it's already common knowledge that users apply rating filters when they search, cause 79% of customers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family. To add more, they don't trust companies with rating lower than 4 stars.

So, it's not a surprise that reviews are in the top-3 influential factors for customers to choose a business they will turn to. By the way, 63.6% of customers state they usually read reviews mainly on Google Search and Google Maps before their visits to stores or restaurants.

This information makes it obvious that review management is very important for brand promotion and visibility in local search results. RocketData has a set of tools for your business to manage, generate and analyze the reviews customers leave in your business listings. All these you can do with less time and in a single account to make it more convenient for your employees.

Your position on the search engine results page

The higher position takes your business listing in local search results the more trust your company evokes from customers. Nearly 21% of users think that the position in local search results is very significant and it has a great influence on their decision to address a business.

This corresponds with Google algorithms that interpret local search intent and work "for" customers showing them businesses with the best ratings. Your top position in search results implies your business is worth trust.

Here, we come to smart local listing management. To rank high in location-based services you need to be sure that all company's listings in popular search engines, maps, online directories, and social media are consistent, have full information, verified. Moreover, pay attention to whether there are duplicate or fake listings if your company. If yes, don't panic, you can solve this issue by hand or with the help of RocketData. We have a number of solutions to manage your online presence and make the work with your company's listing easy and effective.
Defining how you rank online and the decision to thoroughly manage your online presence can bring a lot of good to your local SEO strategy and business as a whole.

There are 4 leaders among review sites

We've already discussed that reviews are one of the most important areas to keep an eye on while implementing your local SEO strategy. But it can be hard to "catch" all of them across the Internet. Statistics show that 4 sites are gaining 85% of all reviews:
  • Google — 73%
  • Yelp — 6%
  • Facebook — 3%
  • Tripadvisor — 3%
reputation management
*The diagram is built based on ReviewTrackers Report Data
To add more, 75% of new companies are greatly influenced by review sites like Google, Yelp, Facebook, Apple Maps, Tripadvisor.

Thus, integration of online reputation management and systematic review generation to your local marketing strategy can play a great role in attracting customers and being the best choice for them.

More than a half of businesses aren't still optimized for local search

It might be surprising, but 58% of business don't optimize for local search and therefore miss such a great opportunity to promote themselves in the online world.

Local statistics shows that only 30% of companies have some local SEO plan to implement and take care of such an easy-to-use way to get traffic to points of sale. So, it's high time to say that you shouldn't neglect the opportunity to attract customers to your business. You can do it yourself or with the help of such services as RocketData that automate your work and spare time for your employees.

The higher your business in local rankings the more chances you'll increase your traffic and sales. So, take these local SEO statistics and trends into account and make a step to a more successful business performance. While RocketData is here for you to help you be where your clients search for you.

To sum up

The higher your business in local rankings the more chances you'll increase your traffic and sales. So, take these local SEO statistics and trends into account and make a step to more successful business performance in location-based services. While RocketData is here for your company to help you be where clients search for you.
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