We update information about your company
in 30+ popular digital services
RocketData will collect the correct data about every your location, automatically send it to 30+ popular sources,
and keep this data up to date on a daily basis.
93% of users are looking for information about products and services nearby
The customer searches locally and wants to get the nearest result right now.

To do this, he uses services that provide him with quick and accurate answers — maps, navigators, social networks, reviews sites, directories, voice assistants
and even taxi services.
Incorrect information about your company will lead
to loss of customers
RocketData will automatically correct mistakes about
every your company listing in 30+ popular digital services and keep the information up-to-date on a daily basis.
Help your customers
find you
Correct your company information
and keep its relevance automatically
with RocketData
Google Maps
Apple Maps
Tom Tom
RocketData will provide accurate and complete information about each of your locations
We load the correct data about your locations into RocketData and the system automatically sends them to 30+ popular digital services.

As a result, you do not need to correct each listing manually — the system will do it for you, avoiding mistakes and saving your time.
Step 1. Automated data
Step 2. Fast data synchronization with location-based services
✔ If the company listing already exists in a location-based service, RocketData updates it and adds the needed data.

✔ If there is no listing, RocketData will automatically create
a new one.

Despite of how many locations you have — 10, 100 or 10,000 — you can easily manage their data from a single RocketData interface.
The only official
partner of 2GIS
Official partner of Google, Apple, Yandex, TomTom,
Here maps
RocketData daily updates listings data, comparing it
with the current one, which allows you to keep the information relevant and protect listings from third-party changes.

You do not need to worry about the information of your locations — it is correct 24/7.
Step 3. Daily update and data protection
Results of data actualization
with RocketData
Saving time for checking and correcting information manually on 30+ digital services
A single account where you can easily manage company data, no matter how many locations you have — 10, 100 or 10,000
Daily automated support of the relevance
of information about your company and data protection from third-party changes
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