Duplicate and fake listings removal service
Find all duplicates and fakes of your locations on Google in order to bring customers to the correct address, not to lose reviews and improve the local ranking of listings in the search
What is a duplicate and a fake listing?
is a listing with an address that matches one of your locations, often with the same or almost identical name/content.
A duplicate business listing
(a duplicate)
Every time you find a few listings of your single store or office on Google My Business — it means that you've found duplicates.

As a rule, duplicates are created by accident — by the users or by company employees who didn’t know about the existence of the main listings.
is a listing that matches one of your company names, but doesn’t match any of its addresses.
A fake business listing (a fake)
Every time you find a listing with your company's alternative name on GMB and its address doesn't match any of your company's real addresses — it means that you've found a fake listing.

Often a company is followed by a historical "train" of fake listings — old, closed or moved locations, locations before rebranding and other "junk listings".
How duplicates and fakes affect your company
When a search engine finds listings with duplicate information, it can't identify which listing is
the right one. Therefore, the system distributes
the "power" of ranking among several listings
at once — main ones and duplicates/fakes.

Thus, your main listing is ranked worse, and less often shown to potential customers. It leads
to the loss of foot traffic to your locations.
Poor local SEO results
When a user finds a duplicate or a fake listing with incorrect/missing information instead of the right one, it can mislead and push him away.

80% of customers lose their trust in a company
if its contact information is incorrect. In addition, duplicates presence can push clients to choose your competitor with clear and correct information.
Loss of consumer trust
Loss of user reviews and questions
If a user left a review or question in a duplicate/ fake listing, you will never know about it.

In addition, unanswered negative reviews accumulate and lower the rating of your duplicate/fake listings that potential customers might pay attention to.
RocketData will take care of duplicate and fake listings removal on Google
Once a month, RocketData will search for duplicate listings by name, alternative names and also by address and coordinates within the city.

We search for duplicates
Once a month, RocketData will search for fake listings by name and alternative names of the brand location within the country.

We search for fakes
Search results for duplicates/fakes will be available to your dedicated manager in the internal system. The manager will review it and send requests to Google for listings removal or merging.

We send
requests to Google for listings removal or merging
The manager will also send you a report with the results upon your request.

We send you a report with the results
Full picture
You will not miss a single review or question in your listings and will be able to respond in time
The results of duplicates/fakes removal
Correct information everywhere
Customers will only find your listings with complete and correct information
Higher ranking of the main listings, which is accompanied by an increase in foot traffic
to your locations
An increase of foot traffic
Feedback from our clients
More than 500 companies
in 20 countries trust us
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