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Be close to your customers at 30+ sites so that they always find your offices and ATMs
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With the development of location-based services like Google, the popularity of queries with the prefix "near" is growing.
According to Google Trends, despite the pandemic, the number of searches for a "bank near me" has grown by 250% in 5 years.
Dynamics of the number of queries "bank near me" in Google over the past 5 years, according to Google Trends
Dynamics of the number of queries "bank near me" in Google over the past 5 years, according to Google Trends
To find the nearest ATM, currency exchange office or insurance, users turn to location-based services and maps.
The client will come to you if you provide him with reliable and complete information in the most popular location-based services.
How you can use the advantages of RocketData
Tell your customers the right information about each office and ATM
For a client who left work a bit earlier to make it to the bank, the biggest disappointment is to find it closed.

Take care of your clients. Keep up-to-date information about each of your offices, ATMs or currency exchange offices with RocketData.
RocketData will place your company's missing locations on 30+ popular sites and location-based services, and will also allow you to quickly add and verify new locations if you have closed your office or moved.
Make sure every client can find you nearby
How you communicate with clients online is a great part of your customer service. High-quality work with reviews on the Internet will become your competitive advantage.

RocketData will collect feedback from your clients from location-based services and review sites and allow you to quickly respond to them from a single account.
Stay ahead of your competitors with quality reviews management
Increase your company's rating on the Internet
">"-> of users will not use the services of a company if its rating is below 4.

Motivate clients to leave positive reviews about your company in location-based services with RocketData and increase the rating of your locations so that as many clients as possible choose you.
Use RocketData Advanced analytics to see not only the overall dynamics of local metrics, but also a report on each location.

And with the Review analysis service you can measure the quality of work in each office and make necessary improvements into the service.
Analyze your results
«For us, RocketData is primarily a tool for managing not only information about our company on the Internet but also its reputation.

When activating the platform, it was important for us to manage our reputation by promptly responding to reviews. We wanted to raise the level of customer loyalty to our company, and we succeeded. Within 6 months, our average rating on the Internet was 4.9, and this is a very good result. We maintain it every day, try to respond promptly to reviews and questions, use templates while delving into the problem of each client individually.

RocketData has become a fast and convenient tool for us to work with both reviews and our locations. We see how the number of calls and built routes from maps has increased since the platform was connected. In addition, today we are confident in the relevance of information about each of our sales offices, and it is not difficult for us to add a new one or "close" one of our locations in digital services.»
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