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Respond to customer reviews from a single dashboard, improve your rating and increase foot traffic to your restaurants
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80% of users search for restaurant services from a smartphone, and popular digital services such as Google, Apple and others offer them to choose a suitable restaurant from local search results.
Today, the share of mobile users dominates in the restaurant sphere. And despite the pandemic, this share is increasing.
Motivate customers to choose your restaurants with the help of RocketData
The user makes a first impression of your restaurant based on what they see in location-based services. May this impression be great.
RocketData will help you to take control of your listings and give customers the right address and opening hours of restaurants, as well as phone numbers for table reservation or delivery.
Provide customers with accurate information about your restaurants
Make the most of location-based services and attract customers with your company's listings: add the menu, upload a gallery with interior photos, create posts about promotions and events.
Attract more customers with the power of listings
Take care of your clients feedback
">">6 of users, when choosing a restaurant or cafe, pay attention to its rating and reviews. Responsive companies get higher ratings and customer loyalty.

RocketData will collect your customers' feedback from digital services and review sites into a single account and provide you with a user-friendly interface to work with them.
Rank up your restaurants
To get as many customers as possible to choose you, RocketData will encourage your guests to leave positive reviews about your restaurants and increase their rating.
Исп-of people will not choose your restaurant if its rating is below 4.
Use RocketData advanced analytics to see not only the overall dynamics of local metrics, but also a report for each separate restaurant.

The review analysis service will allow you to find out what customers say about you, as well as evaluate the quality of service at each restaurant in order to make improvements in its work.
Analyze results
«Rocketdata provides us with a convenient interface for managing brand information, for example, when opening a new restaurant or changing the opening hours during the holidays.

In addition, the platform is a great tool for working with reviews as you have just one place where all the information is coming so there is no chance to miss it.

We prepare monthly reports for each restaurant which helps us analyze and improve customer impressions at each point of contact. All this information is provided to our general managers and customer service team.»
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