Local Position Tracker

Track your positions in local search results in comparison to your competitors and make data-driven decisions on how to improve them.
The first 3 listings in local search results get 44% of user clicks. If your business isn't in that TOP-3, then you receive approximately 8% of customers who choose companies listed below.

If you want to rank first in local search results and get more customers, it is important to understand which listings and keywords you should focus your marketing efforts on.
Why track your company's positions in local search results
44% of users choose listings from the TOP-3 local search results
8% view other places
This is a tool that automatically determines the position of your business and your competitors in Google search, based on keywords used on different distances from your locations.
What is RocketData Local Position Tracker?
Local Position Tracker features for your business
Local search results overview
Get a complete picture of how your and your competitors' listings are ranked for different keywords within a certain radius.

Thus, you can understand which competitors you are competing with within a given radius and determine what keywords you need to surpass them.
How your listings' position changes
Tracker calculates the average position of each of your listings and evaluates its dynamics on a daily basis:

    an increase
    a decline
    or no changes

Thus, you will see how each of your listing's position changes on different services and see the progress.
With Local Position Tracker, you can analyze the positions of your listings by the keywords customers use.

So that you will understand which keywords bring you the best positions in the search results, and which ones still need to be worked on.
Keywords performance overview
This feature allows you to see how the positions of your listings are distributed by day, week and month on different types of devices.

This allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your company's local promotion within a certain period.
Dynamics of listings' positions on Local Pack
With Local Position Tracker you can:
See the real picture of your listings' position in local search results by keywords and a given radius
Track the progress of listings' positions and create reports on the effectiveness of local promotion
Understand which listings and keywords to focus your efforts on to get ahead of your competitors

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