Smart access to work with listings and reviews
Connect your employees or franchisees to RocketData
with the ability to distribute access rights
Why to distribute access rights among employees?
Often within the same company, different people are responsible for different business tasks — for example, one employee is fully responsible for the online presence, and the other is responsible for work with reputation.

For the convenience of working with the RocketData account, you can grant the user access only to those functions for which he is responsible.

As a rule, large companies with a developed network of branches have a need to manage not all locations at once, but, for example, within one region.

The same applies to franchise owners and their franchisees, whose access must be limited to only certain locations.
Multi-access is also relevant for large and franchise companies
You can set and differentiate access rights both for viewing and editing information in listings, and for replies to reviews.
RocketData will allow you to distribute access rights to the account
What access levels are available in RocketData
Administrator — full access to all the features
of your personal account.

Reputation Manager — access only for working with reviews both in separate locations and throughout the entire network.

Watcher — “control" access: only for viewing information with the ability to analyze the results.
Results of working with RocketData
Multi-Access Service
Effective distribution of roles, when every employee is responsible for its own area
of work
The possibility to purchase unlimited number of accesses for all staff who needs to work with RocketData
Reasonable restrictions in information management: a user has access only
to the data he is responsible for
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