Rocket up foot traffic and brand trust

Add, correct, control your locations' data with one click in navigation systems, maps, directories, social networks. Collect, sort and reply to all location's reviews in your personal dashboard.

Add your location's data everywhere

We make sure the correct info is placed in more than 20 top yellow pages, navigation systems, maps, social media networks with a target audience of hundreds of millions of users.
Enter the correct information in RocketData, and we will always keep it up to date throughout Internet, protecting from unauthorised changes.

Correct and protect info

Why is it important?

users are looking for products and services online
sources contain irrelevant company information

We will guide every customer directly to your company!


Как это работает

We optimize the pages to maximize the leads on parameters that affect the ranking in the local search.

Maximize the number of leads

How it works?
Relevant info on your company uploads to Rocketdata
If you have a few locations, you can easily upload information yourself using your personal account. If the number is huge, we upload it for you automatically.
Сheck the presence and relevance of your locations' data
We make a detailed survey of your company's contact information in navigation systems, maps, directories, social networks, for each of your locations.
Clean up the data about your company
We correct locations' data where it is wrong and add where it's missed.
Maximize the number of leads
We optimize the pages to maximize the leads on parameters that affect the ranking in the local search.

Inform about new reviews

We immediately inform you about new reviews concerning your company on the Internet and provide a convenient tool for processing and analytics
Respond to all customers' feedbacks in one personal Rocketdata dashboard. The customer would see it as a Company's official reply under his feedback.

Send your responses to reviews

Why is it important?

users choose a company or brand based on the Internet reviews
consumers say they trust the Internet reviews as well as advice from friends

We help to work with
web reputation!


RocketData brings profit

We bring attention of potential customers without advertising costs
The average number of location pages visits will increase up to 100%.
We automate the manual labor of your employees.
Save up to 10 working days per employee per year for each location.
We boost positions of your company in search engines.
The frequency of your company's display on the first page of Google grows up to 300% on local search queries.
Customers will like your business even more
In-time replies to reviews significantly improve the degree of customer satisfaction, which lead to repeated purchases and recommendations to friends.
Papa John's case
How we added $131k in revenue on non-regular customers.
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