Photo Management

Collect photos of all locations in a single account
and manage content that is unattractive or doesn't
match your business
How do photos affect the search results?
A large number of photos and videos in listings is not about beautiful design — they drive user engagement.

According to Google, companies listings
with photos get:
  • 42% more routing requests
  • 35% more site visit
Photos grab the attention of users, give them a better idea
of your company and create the need to become your customers.
  • more views of your listings
  • more built routes, calls and clicks to website
  • more photo uploads by users themselve
The search engine sees that your listings are attractive to the customer. So they need to be ranked higher.

The presence of photos and videos in the listings affects the behavioral factor, which is one of the local ranking factors.
Help to increase user engagement
Help to rank better on Google
Behavioral factors
Amount of user's actions
Amount of uploaded photos
Why is it important to regularly check if the photos match your business
Users can upload to your listings unattractive photos, images that are not related to your business, or content with bad intent.
This pushes customers away and lowers user engagement.

See what can come of it:
4 benefits of photo management
with RocketData
1. Regularly collects new photos from listings on Google in a systematic way to RocketData account
2. Using machine learning, it identifies the content of photos and creates tags for filtering (e.g. people, car, building)
3. Allows you to filter photos by tags, statuses and publication date
4. Allows you to massively submit complaints with requests to remove invalid photos
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