Manage reviews
of your customers
in popular digital services
RocketData will collect your customers' reviews from popular digital services and provide the ability to answer them from a single interface.
Reviews are one of the most important factors before making a purchase
87% of users read online reviews about local companies or services. 79% of consumers say they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations from friends or family.

The more positive reviews your company has and the higher is rating, the more potential customers will choose your company.
Search engines cannot visually understand which listing
to show above others. To do this, they are guided by the "signals" they understand — local search ranking factors.

Reviews are the second important factor. The better
you work with reviews, the more visible are your listings
for potential customers in search results.
Attract more customers by competent review management
Work with reviews efficiently
RocketData will monitor all the reviews about your company in popular directories and reviews sites and provide you with
a single interface with special tools for efficient review management.
Google Maps
Apple Maps
Tom Tom
RocketData Reviews Centre Features
You no longer have to save passwords for review sites or manually monitor reviews.

RocketData will automatically collect reviews from your customers and provide you the ability to answer them
from a single dashboard.
Step 1. Automated gathering
of reviews to the personal account
Step 2. Quick notifications about new reviews
With RocketData, you won't miss a single review. Whenever there is a new review, RocketData will send you a notification so you can quickly respond to it.

You can also choose where it is convenient for you
to receive notifications: by e-mail or in your browser.
Every review in the listing, even a rating without text, deserves attention. By responding to all reviews, you create a positive image of your company.

Create response templates for different types of reviews
in RocketData and use them to reply to more reviews
in less time.
Step 3. Response templates
to reviews
Results of working with the RocketData Review Center
Automated monitoring and gathering reviews for every your location in a single account
Saving time for responding by creating templates for different types of reviews
Ability to answer reviews quickly thanks to notifications by e-mail or in your browser
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