Reviews generation
and NPS measurement service

Automate customer feedback and post positive
reviews on location-based services to boost
your ranking
RocketData service for generating reviews
and measuring NPS allows:
Get more positive reviews
Due to what the rating of the company is formed. The higher the rating, the higher the company ranks for local queries
Increase the level
of trust to your company
Listings with reviews drive user loyalty
Get more views and target actions
More reviews — more listings views and, as a result, target user actions
Influence the conversion to points of sale
Conversion rates, according to research, depend on the number of reviews and star rating

4 main features of the RocketData
reviews generation service

The possibility to automatically send cascading mailings to customers via social networks, messengers and SMS with a request to leave feedback on goods or services of a specific location
The possibility to generate QR codes and links for placement in your shops and advertising products with a request to leave feedback on goods and services of a specific location
The possibility to automatically divide reviews into positive and negative. Positive reviews are published on geoservices, and negative ones go to the RocketData personal account without publishing on maps
The possibility to measure NPS of your customers
How the algorithm for distinguishing between positive and negative reviews works
If the user rates the company with a low NPS score
(for example, from 1 to 5, or from 1 to 7, you can customize
the options yourself), the system gives him a field for entering text. After submission, the comment gets into the personal account of the company as a review from the source
"Mailing" and is not published on the maps.
If a user rates a company or services with a high NPS score
(for example, from 8 to 10), the system invites him to post a review in one of the sources supported by RocketData, with
a link to the location you selected earlier.
Net Promoter Score — это «индекс приверженности потребителей», то есть метрика, специально разработанная для определения уровня лояльности покупателя к товару, бренду или компании, а также его готовности рекомендовать ваш товар или услугу своему окружению.

Суть индекса в том, что клиенту предлагается опросник с единственным вопросом: готов ли он порекомендовать компанию/продукт/сервис своим друзьям или коллегам?
Делайте каскадные рассылки, чтобы снизить расход баланса на каждую отдельную рассылку.

С помощью каскадных рассылок сообщения отправляются по очереди: в соцсети, мессенджеры и SMS. Если получатель не прочитал сообщение в одном канале, значит сообщение автоматически отправится в другой.
Generating reviews with mailings
The process of creating a cascading
mailing list
1. You upload customer contacts (phone numbers, emails) linked to locations in your personal account
2. Choose the locations to which you want to attract reviews, as well as a ready-made message template
3. Paste a question template for the client, as well as responses to positive and negative assessment
4. Select the type of cascading mailing (for example, VK - Viber - SMS) and launch it
Why cascading mailings are more effective
The message contains a link, upon clicking on which the client makes an NPS assessment of your company and can leave a review for a specific location.
Messages are sent one by one: to social networks, instant messengers and SMS. If the recipient has not read the message in one channel, then the message will automatically be sent to the other.
If the client receives a message on the social network, it will cost 5 times cheaper than a message in Viber and 10 times cheaper than an SMS.
Detailed statistics on sent emails is available in RocketData personal account (delivered/not delivered/viewed/left reviews).
QR Code and Link Generation Process
You can place a QR code on your cashier's receipts, flyers and other promotional items in retail outlets. The link can be placed on the website, in your post-purchase emails, etc.
The process of creating a QR code
and a link:
  1. Choose the locations to which you want
    to attract reviews
  2. Paste a question template for the client, reactions to positive and negative assessments
  3. Choose location-based services where you want to post positive reviews
  4. Generate a QR code and a link to leave a review
Measuring NPS with RocketData Reviews Generation Service
In addition to generating reviews on maps, the RocketData service measures the NPS of your customers and allows you to analyze its change over time, as well as identify the ccustoers most loyal to your company

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