RocketData news:
a dose of good for April

We are glad to share with you some product news from RocketData.
Important Product News in April
In April, we have added a new feedback filter in the personal account — "Waiting for a second response"
Using this filter, you can see reviews where the review author commented on your response.

Now you can request a Demo of new RocketData products directly in your personal account.
There are 2 additional services already available in your personal account: photo management tool and duplicate and fake listings removal service.
If you want to try these tools, you can also contact your personal manager at RocketData or write to an email of the Care service:

We have also significantly accelerated the work of RocketData personal account
Now, even for companies with more than 1 million reviews, the RocketData personal account works quickly.
A lot of internal work was also done in the personal account and the service as a whole, which allowed us to achieve uptime of the service.
Stay tuned! :)