TOP-3 important RocketData updates you should know about

May news digest from the RocketData team
We are glad to share with you our events that happened in May.

Important product news
Added new features and updated internal interface for validating company names
This means that now RocketData can check the names of your listings for compliance with the rules of the sites and moderate them in advance.

For example, Google My Business will not allow the information about the geolocation in the name.
Such a check will speed up the synchronization of your listings data with location-based services.

Added features for automatic updating of the price/menu in company listings via YML-feed
If you have a price list in YML-feed format, you can send us a link to it. With its help, we will automatically update your prices in Google My Business.
Yhis feature is currently available in beta testing.
If you want to give it a try and you have a YML-feed, please write to
Technical improvements to speed up and stabilize the work of your personal account
In May, we worked hard to make the RocketData personal account fly and work stably and efficiently. And we did it.

What's next?
Now, we work on several new additional services. Soon you will get:
Analytics service for user reviews and comparison with competitors, so you can make business decisions based on reviews about you and your competitors, and make your customers happier.
Service for generating reviews and measuring NPS to motivate customers to leave positive reviews about your company in geoservices and increase your rating.
Service for creating posts in Google My Business 🔥

New articles in our blog
RocketData looks at five of the most popular myths about local SEO and destroys them.

Stay tuned! :)